Peter Campbell
Reborn Alcoholic
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Personel Info Hello there.

My name is Peter Campbell. I live in scotland in a place called Greenock, It is just outside of Glasgow. I am a reborn alcohlic. i visited a place called Medugorje about 6 years ago and it has changed my life for ever. I have a family of 6 people. My children are all grown up now and have there own family's. i have 6 grand children whom i am very proud of.

I hope you will enjoy reading my story and looking at my site.
Here is a picture when i was at the start of my pilgrimage to Medugorje on the 17th June 1994 with my wife Betty in the holiday town of opatji.

My Experience:

When i went on my Medugorje pilgramige trip it changed my life for ever. I remember been really excited on the 17-6-94 as me, my wife Betty and about another 100 scots set off on the trip that proved to change my life.

Before I started to go to my AA meetings my life was just like a whirlpool of alcohol. All I ever done was drunk myself silly. I couldnt see it but my family and the people around me seen that if I kept going the way i did i would be dead soon enough.

When I got to Medugorje 1 of my friends from my meetings "Danny" asked if anyone would like to climb a mountain. I elected myself to go but most if the travellers opted to go to bed as it was such a long journey. There were around 15-20 climbers on the Sunday night. We all started of in a group but broke up as we went on. I picked up a stone on my way.when we got back to the mini bus that had taken us the short way to the footpath i took the stone out of my pocket I shone my torch on it and seen the a vison. 1 of the priests that was in my party confirmed the vision 2 me and I noticed that God was with me on my Pilgramige.

The picture opposite is of Betty my wife and I in opatigi in Bosnia. Before going too Medugorje

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